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DMA to host UK-Ethiopia Trade & Investment Forum, on 21st Oct. 2015
As Africa’s second most populous country, the investment potential of Ethiopia speaks for itself. In recent years, the Government of Ethiopia has adopted a more market-oriented growth strategy, which has seen the economy open up. The country is now one of the fastest-growing in Africa with foreign, private sector participation and investment now encouraged in...
DMA to host UK-Tunisia Trade & Investment Forum, on 20th Oct. 2015
DMA is delighted to be hosting the UK-Tunisia Trade & Investment Forum 2015 in the City of London on 20th October 2015. Led by Hon Yassine Brahim, the forum promises to be an excellent opportunity to meet with the Government of Tunisia and hear their broader economic development agenda. Additionally, the forum will help to convert the significant...
DMA partners with the Algeria British Business Council for Partnership with Algeria Conference
DMA partners with the ABBC for Partnership with Algeria Conference
DMA was delighted to support the Algeria British Business Council (ABBC) in organising the Partnership with Algeria Conference, held on 8th October 2015. Over 150 representatives from UK companies attended the forum, alongside a senior delegation from Algeria’s premier business association, Forum des Chefs d’Entreprise (FCE). Following welcome addresses from...