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Leon Isaacs discusses the International Payments Industry with CrytoDaily
Regional Thematic Meeting on Remittances
Leon Isaacs (far-left), CEO, at Regional Thematic Meeting on Remittances in Ghana (from ACP-EU). The International Organization for Migration (IOM) organized a Regional Thematic Meeting to discuss ways to further improve the use of migrant remittances, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. The meeting was attended by over 80 participants involved in IOM’s “ACP-...
Launch Of New Digital Service "SaverAsia"
DMA has launched a new website, SaverAsia (, in conjuction with the International Labour Organisation. The aim of the website is to make it easier and more affordable for migrant workers to send remittances to their home countries. The website has a variety of features, including: price comparsion on a very large number of avaiable money...