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Investing In Bosnia & Herzegovina
Energoinvest d.d.-Sarajevo, is a
multidisciplinary engineering company
with dominant expor t orientation.
We are the leading company in Bosnia
and Herzegovina with the scope
of activities of design and realisation
of complex plants in the country
and abroad in the fields of electric
power, hydro-civil construction and
power and process plants and
communication technologies.
Drawing on wide-ranging experience and
considerable resources Energoinvest’s
business doctrine has been evolving for
more than 60 years, with all effor ts being
directed to create a por tfolio of activities
geared towards our clients’ needs
and requirements. The ability of
Energoinvest to execute complete
projects on a turn-key basis on time,
has earned the company an unrivalled
reputation worlwide.
Key to its success is its par tnership work
with clients – providing a wide range
of services from design, engineering,
research and development, technology
and know-how transfer, representation
and financial management, to delivering
total solutions.
In addition a clear strategy, good
organisation, and good professionals are
crucial to achieving the company’s goals.
The company encourages individual
qualities and engages employees to a
maximum to ensure their capabilities are
fully realised.
The Integrated Managment System in
Energoinvest is accepted as the key factor
of in its successful business policy and it
has been implemented within all business
functions, processes and activities.
Energoinvest d.d. - Sarajevo
Mid Europa is the leading independent
private equity investment firm focused
on CEE, with approximately EUR3.2bn
of funds raised and managed since its
inception. Mid Europa has successfully
executed transactions in every major
market of CEE and has extensive
transactional and operational exper tise
in these countries. We have made
seven investments in Bosnia and
Herzegovina, integrating them into what
is today Telemach, the leading PayTV
operator in the country.
With 130 million tonnes of annual
production capacity and 245,000 employees
across 60 countries, ArcelorMittal is the
world’s leading steel and mining company.
We are the leader in all major global
steel markets, including automotive,
construction, household appliances and
packaging, with leading research and
development and technology, as well as
sizeable captive supplies of raw materials
and outstanding distribution networks.
With an industrial presence in more than
22 countries spanning four continents,
the company covers all of the key steel
markets, from emerging to mature.
Our core philosophy is to produce safe,
sustainable steel. In doing so, our top
priority is safety and our goal is to be the
world’s safest steel and mining company.
We have steelmaking operations in more
than 20 countries on four continents, in
both developing and developed steel
markets. In 2012, we had revenues
of US$84.2 billion and crude steel
production of 88.2 million tonnes, which
represents around 6% of world steel
output. Around 35% of our steel is
produced in the Americas, 47% in Europe
and 18% in other regions, including
Kazakhstan, South Africa and Ukraine.
ArcelorMittal is number one for market
position and market share in Nor th and
South America, Western Europe, Eastern
Europe and CIS, and Africa.
Our mining business is one of the
pillars of ArcelorMittal’s growth strategy.
In 2012 we produced 55.9 million
tonnes of iron ore and 8.2 million tonnes
of coal. Our low-cost iron ore and coal
resources provide security of supply
and shelter from raw material price
changes. Our mining business also offers
substantial scope for profitable expansion,
and we have a production target of 84
million tonnes of iron ore by 2015. We
currently have mining operations in 10
countries: Algeria, Bosnia & Herzegovina,
Brazil, Canada, Kazakhstan, Liberia,
Mexico, Russia, Ukraine and the US.
Projects are being developed in Australia,
Mauritania, Mozambique, Senegal and
South Africa.
ArcelorMittal is listed on the stock
exchanges of New York (under the
trading symbol MT), Amsterdam (MT),
Paris (MT), Luxembourg (MT), Barcelona
(MTS), Bilbao (MTS), Madrid (MTS) and
Valencia (MTS).