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Investing In Bosnia & Herzegovina
he Embassy of Bosnia
and Herzegovina
in the
United Kingdom is increasingly
focused on expanding trade
and investment ties between Bosnia and
Herzegovina and the United Kingdom.
Our goal is for our excellent bilateral
relations to be matched by equally robust
bilateral trade and investment. We see
increased potential in this area as a result
of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s future within
the EU and as economic and business
climate reforms are implemented.
At this moment the issue of a free visa
regime for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s
nationals visiting the United Kingdom
and the issue of direct flights connecting
our two countries are of crucial
impor tance for the realisation of the
businesses concluded at this first UK-
Bosnia and Herzegovina Trade and
Investment Forum.
The BiH Embassy stands ready to assist
BiH companies expor ting to the UK and
indeed UK companies sourcing goods and
services from the BiH. We also suppor t
BiH companies or individuals interested
in investing in the UK, and assist existing
and potential British investors in BH.
Thus we will be extremely happy to
assist all potential business oppor tunities
resulting from today’s Forum.
If you have any questions or comments,
please feel free to contact us either
by telephone or by email and we will
be pleased to respond. And, of course,
we would be more than happy to
receive you in the near future in Bosnia
and Herzegovina.
We look forward to assisting
your company to find oppor tunities in
Bosnia and Herzegovina or here in the
United Kingdom.
Mustafa Mujezinović
Ambassador of Bosnia and
Herzegovina to the Court
of St James’s
By Mustafa Mujezinovic
Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina
to the Court of St James’s
and welcome