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Investing In NIGER
o r
v i s i t i n g
Niamey, Niger’s
capital, for the
first time, the
much removed
from the images
often por trayed
in the media. On my recent visit a
few weeks ago I found every hotel full,
the city buzzing with commerce, and
roads bursting with traffic. The overall
impression from both the city and its
people was of a nation brimming with
energy. There is an immense amount
of work underway to develop Niger,
especially in the infrastructure sector.
The presence of organisations and
foreign companies engaged in projects in
the country was impressive and visible at
every turn.
That same energy and sense of
purpose was present among the many
government ministers I met, all of whom
were passionate about the impor tance
of foreign investment to their country’s
future development and the government’s
active drive to encourage it fur ther.
His Excellency, President Mahamadou
Issoufou and the ministers addressing
you today will discuss the progress
being made, the funding gaps that need
to be addressed and the investment
oppor tunities that exist.
Niger is a country that now deserves our
attention. Having suffered greatly from
neglect and bad governance in the past
and with many of its people still among
the poorest in Africa, the coming of peace
and the election of a popular government
has at last enabled the country to look
forward with anticipation to a positive
future. In this desire it is also assisted by
the genuine goodwill on the par t of the
international community. Niger is now
able to use its undoubted resources to
make huge strides in the progress of both
its economy and its society over the next
few years.
Today’s forum provides a unique
oppor tunity to connect with the
Government of Niger and potential
Nigerien par tners. I hope that the
proceedings will be informative and
update your knowledge of the country
from a business perspective. More than
this though, I hope that knowledge will
trigger a interest to fur ther explore in
detail the investment oppor tunities now
available in Niger. Today’s presentations
and the conference materials will be
available to download from DMA’s
in the days following the conference.
Additionally, DMA, the UK Foreign and
Commonwealth Office, the Consulate of
Niger and the US Embassy will also be
delighted to assist you with any follow up
activities with either the public or private
sectors in Niger.
Lastly it remains for me to thank you for
taking the time to attend today’s event.
There is much business to be done with
this newly emerging republic, with its
future exciting for both its people and
its par tners.
Atam Sandhu
Chief Executive
Developing Markets Associates
Foreword by Atam Sandhu, Chief Executive
Developing Markets Associates