Access to Impact Investment

12th June, Central London


The inaugural Access to Impact Investment in Africa (AII) will take place on 12th June 2019 and introduce African Missions and their governments to some of the most creative tools for accessing finance and raising revenue at a regional, national and sub-national level.


The event will comprise of a series of investment masterclasses that will showcase excellence in raising capital and provide detailed roadmaps to fast track access. The masterclasses will cover critical investment themes as follows:





How to raise national and municipal funding through digitisation, standards certification, documentation, tax stamps and city parking.  


A number of revenue raising instruments have been developed and rolled out across multiple markets but continue to be uncommon across the African continent. The principal reason for non-adoption have been cultural challenges, up-front costs to governments and a lack of sophisticated revenue collecting mechanics. DMA has sought and selected companies with a track record of having provided up-front investment, evidence of having successfully rolled-out programmes in frontier markets and having provided net revenues to national and municipal governments through a vast range of self-funded programmes. This ‘how-to’ Masterclass is a global first in alternative, self-funded national and local revenue raising.



RAISING DEBT at national, municipal and Diaspora levels and deepening foreign exchange access


How to raise and effectively manage debt through traditional institutional and non-traditional instruments.


Many governments have raised euro bonds and sovereign debt in global markets; sub-national and Diaspora engagement remain relatively unexplored market. With a USD 25bn annually in Diaspora capital flows untapped each year on the African continent, the potential for foreign exchange and investment remain underutilised and vast. Here an analysis of the character of investment interests from the Diaspora and some of the world’s most innovative and entrepreneurial players showcase the opportunities and deliver a ‘how-to’ step by step guide.


The raising of capital by cities remains one of the most underused capital access points for the continent. Successful cities demonstrate how careful debt management has been transformative in their capital raising programmes and their delivery of social services.





How to access and secure investment finance from alternative sources, from the range of public-private partnership models to private equity & pension funds.


Most governments have raised finance through International Financial Institutions, Development Banks and bilateral development assistance. Raising quality, long-term investment from alternative sources, including PPPs, private equity, crowdsourcing and pension funds, provides new avenues to drive sustainable economic growth. In addition, the establishment of credit unions for micro and business loans and how to raise factoring services, are explored here.


DMA have assembled world-class presenters to showcase how alternative finance can deliver for Africa.





How to navigate the bilateral opportunities.


Most governments access UK support directly or indirectly. This one-stop shop offers a comprehensive overview of the UK’s private sector support - understanding the appetite of HMG to provide concessionary loans, guarantees and insurance. Furthermore, a deep-dive into understanding private sector programmes, UK investment funds and private equity will be explored.





Unique microfinance models are beginning to emerge filling vacuums where small and micro-businesses can't access traditional bank lending. Highly competitive, ethical, loans are offered aimed at helping build credit records and growing businesses for transition to the formal banking sector. Here DMA showcases the most innovative and re-employable business models working on the Continent.



ALTERNATIVE FINANCE MODELS - crowdfunding for the preservation of the environment


With an ever-increasing need to reinvest back into society as well as the need to raise revenue for treasuries, a significant and current question is whether a Sovereign Government can generate much-needed funds without resorting to potentially damaging geological exploration and the attendant high-risk for the local and global environment.


Here alternative finance models are discussed on how governments can crowdfund to raise revenue to protect resources.