The Africa Food Security Summit

November 22nd and 23rd


DMA are delighted to announce a major intergovernmental and private sector summit on food security in Africa, to take place on September 12th and 13th. The Africa Food Security Summit will be held in partnership with FGV and CIITAA, and supported by UK Export Finance and The Tony Blair Institute. Registration will open in early May.

The Africa Food Security Summit (TAFSS) will identify and address the structural factors affecting African food security and map out policies, practical solutions and signpost funding that can set the continent on a path towards long-term food security. 

The event will be the first to bring together the world's leading public and private entities supporting food security on the continent and its main priorities will be as a knowledge exchange platform and in providing access to capital.

 Key Themes 

1. Access to capital – IFIs, Sovereign lending, private capital, blended finance.

2. Policy development and implementation. 

3. Scalable solutions - providing increased production, productivity, quality assurance and competitive distribution costs. 

4. Sustainable business models - local economy and smallholder farms. 

5. Maximising sustainable employment. 

6. Value chain analysis: agriculture, livestock, fish farming and aquaculture – processing and packaging.

7. Sustainable food production models - efficient and environmentally friendly technology packages. 

8. Knowledge transfer – technology, expertise, training and skill sets. 

9. Sustainable power, refrigeration and storage. 

10. Identifying expert resources and personnel. 

Registration opens in May, please contact Peter MacDonald on for further information 


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